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Submitting a Member Recommendation Form is just one of the many ways you can help a chapter during recruitment. Information provided by alumnae and other members of Alpha Xi Delta help chapters recognize strong women for membership in our organization. If you know an outstanding young woman who will be going through recruitment this year, please fill out the online form on the National Fraternity’s website. There is also an option for you to download a PDF form and email it to fhq@alphaxidelta.org.

If you choose to download the form and fill it out, please make sure you have the newest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can obtain this for free at www.adobe.com/reader. If you don’t update to the newest version of Adobe Reader, you may not be able to save the information you type onto the form.



Auburn University 2023 Fall Formal Recruitment dates are out!  

June 1:  Recruitment registration begins online

July 7: Deadline to order extra t-shirts through registration

July 14: Registration deadline

July 26-28: Returning Member Move-In

August 1-3: Potential New Member Early Move-In

August 6: Kickoff & Virtual Ice Water Teas Round

August 7-9: In-Person Philanthropy Round

August 10-12: In-Person Sisterhood Round

August 13: In-Person Preference Round

August 14: Bid Day

August 16:  Classes begin

Legacy Policy

Effective July 29, 2020, Alpha Xi Delta has eliminated all preferential treatment given to legacies during the recruitment process. The previous policy stated that legacies must be invited through the first round of invitational events. In addition, any legacy who attended the chapter's Preference event had to be placed at the top of the bid list. All chapters will now treat legacies equally to all potential new members during recruitment. Legacies are still defined as any granddaughter, daughter, sister, or niece of an Alpha Xi Delta member in good standing, as well as step- or half-relations resulting from blended or other non-traditional family structures. Potential new members who meet our legacy definition will still be considered a legacy and celebrated after a bid is extended. However, chapters will no longer be permitted to give them preferential treatment throughout the recruitment process. 

Recommendation Policy

Auburn Alpha Xi Delta welcomes recommendations, but they are not required. 

Alumna can forward all letters of recommendation to the following email address: